Olive Leaf Beginnings is a faith-based entrepreneurial business that empowers individuals to embrace purpose and transformation through divine principles. Living with purpose seems easy and straightforward but it takes courage. I started my journey over 40 years ago when I embraced a call to ministry. I left my comfort zone to learn about myself. Mentors, coaches, and covenant relationships guided me. Now I am able I understand that I was born with a purpose. The world needs me to live authentically. Did you know it needs YOU too!

It is time for a new beginning

I am a minister, an author, a Certified Christian Life Coach, podcaster and blogger. I share what I have learned to encourage you to live your dreams and to aspire to be a better ‘you’. Olive Leaf Beginnings is a safe space where you can be free to learn and grow.

Let me join you on your new beginning…

Where to find us… Cheryl Naomi Davis Ministries, Berean Meeting Place, and Mindset Divine.


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